Fan Cases & Impellers

A significant part of our business is dedicated to fabricating a range of client specific fan cases and impellers. Although each client is unique and therefore has its own specifications, we would typically offer cases for the following fan types.

Axial & Bifurcated Fan Cases – supplied with flanges drilled to individual client requirements.

Centrifugal Fan Cases – manufactured to client specific design details.

Impellers – supplied with or without anti-spark features.

Cases and impellers are generally of fully welded construction, fabricated from mild steel or stainless steel and supplied as fabricated for final finishing and assembly by our client.

If required, steel cases can be supplied galvanised after manufacture or paint finished to your requirements; other surface treatments specific to stainless steel are available locally.

As a fabrication company we can supply a variety of customer specific fan ancillary items including base frames, matching flanges, inlet and outlet guards or mounting feet.