Installation Services

A key feature of our business is the installation service that we offer for any fabrication we construct.
Our engineers have many years experience of site installation and carry all relevant permits for safe use of plant and equipment such as forklift trucks, scissor lift platforms and cherry pickers. We conform to all relevant health and safety regulations and provide detailed risk assessment and method statement for all site activities.

Typical installations would include artistic sculptures, fire escapes, ladders, work platforms, railings, gates, barriers, and ductwork to name but a few.

Laser Profiling

At the heart of our business lies a laser profiling facility that ensures high quality and intricate shapes are produced cost effectively. The machine is coupled with an automatic loading and unloading system to provide lights out operation for high productivity and fast turn-round of cut parts.
We have the latest CAD/CAM software for ductwork development and standard shape generation. AutoCAD files can be imported directly into the machine software to produce other non-standard components. Although, the machine primarily feeds the company workforce we also offer a sub-contract laser cutting service.

Sheet Metal Work

Our sheet metal workers operate along side the fabrication section offering manipulated sheet metal work and light plate fabrications such as machine guards, chutes, cabinets, panels, enclosures, canopies and hoods. 
Utilising the development capability of the laser-profiling machine, complex ductwork shapes are easily produced and the skill of the sheet metal worker ensures absolute quality is maintained.

Whether it is a one-off unique fabrication for a special project or a small batch quantity of standard components, our multi-skilled sheet metal work team have the flexibility to deliver.

Coded Welding

To complement the fabricators, we operate a professional welding department supplying coded welding services in MAG, MMA and TIG.
Welders and procedures have been independently qualified by Zurich Laboratory Services to BS EN287-1: 2004 and BS EN ISO 15614-1: 2004 A1 respectively and to the American standard AWS D1.1 (2006)

We would be pleased to qualify welders and procedures to other project specific codes of practice where necessary.

Fan Cases & Impellers

A significant part of our business is dedicated to fabricating a range of client specific fan cases and impellers. Although each client is unique and therefore has its own specifications, we would typically offer cases for the following fan types.

Axial & Bifurcated Fan Cases – supplied with flanges drilled to individual client requirements.

Centrifugal Fan Cases – manufactured to client specific design details.

Impellers – supplied with or without anti-spark features.

Cases and impellers are generally of fully welded construction, fabricated from mild steel or stainless steel and supplied as fabricated for final finishing and assembly by our client.

If required, steel cases can be supplied galvanised after manufacture or paint finished to your requirements; other surface treatments specific to stainless steel are available locally.

As a fabrication company we can supply a variety of customer specific fan ancillary items including base frames, matching flanges, inlet and outlet guards or mounting feet.

Public Artwork

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of bespoke ornate architectural structures commonly used in schools, parks and public places. These include stylish entrance features, decorative fence panels, sculptures and ornamental furniture.

Each project is extremely unique and often constructed from a range of more specialised materials including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass. In addition, many of the features use other non-metalworking materials such as glass and masonry or often require additional special finishes or surface treatments.

Our in-house facility can offer air-drying paint in single and 2-pack options and locally we have a wide variety of surface finishers and specialist-coating services available at our disposal.

We work closely with artists, designers, architects, and consulting engineers to ensure the finished sculpture or architectural feature is a true representation of the original concept; we would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements.

General Fabrications

As a company we offer a wide range of fabrication services including in-house CNC laser and plasma profiling, folding, rolling, sawing, and welding. Our skilled fabricators are experienced with all materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

We manufacture bespoke welded fabrications of all sizes and complexities to customer specific drawings. Alternatively, our engineers will visit client facilities to assist with designs or carry out site surveys on their behalf.

Through a broad spectrum of clients we supply equipment into a variety of industries including air movement, filtration & dust control, environmental control, waste management & re-cycling, conveying & weighing, foundry & melting and the civil nuclear industry at home and abroad.

Fabrications can be supplied with a variety of surface finishes including galvanised after manufacture, zinc arc sprayed or blast cleaned and painted by our in-house facility.